• Un disegno originale alla portata di tutti. Rocco Cosentino (Little Rok) propone una collezione di originali con diversi soggetti. In questa trovate un teschio in una particolare interpretazione: the Skull

    An original within everyone's reach

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Rocco Cosentino - Little Rok

About me

Find out how your Little Rok is born

The pencil captures an idea and stops it on paper

Ideas take shape and become collections of drawings.
Each theme is re-proposed in color variations, all original, with handmade interventions.

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The drawings become a sportswear collection and an exclusive line of swimwear

Little Rok Original Sportswear
  • Original Swimwear

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Original Swimwear



Comics Swimwear

Little Rok Spotswear

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Did you know that according to tradition the skull protects against evil?

The skulls are still kept clearly visible at the entrance to a room or house to guard the entrance, to prevent evil from entering.
In this collection the skull is interpreted in a new way, made in different colors, to give a different touch to your environment.

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