Everyone has dreamed of being a SuperHero.

Perhaps this memory does not belong to the new generations, but waiting for the new issue of your favorite comic to be released on newsstands was one of those things that marked the passing of the months and then accompanied you until the following month. Clearly the reading of the comic took place in a few minutes, it was devoured with the eyes and then it was placed in the library to continue and enrich its collection.

But the charm of the SuperHero is always linked to what lies behind his costume and that brings him closer to each of us: a difficult personal life, love problems, a family loss. Everything disappears wearing the mask and when he whirls among the skyscrapers of the city he runs to help those who are in danger at that moment.

We often recognize ourselves in a SuperHero because they also happen to lose: they do not always succeed in their intent and sometimes they savor defeat, but this does not prevent them from continuing to try, if anything to take another path for the solution problem and to finally succeed in the enterprise.

In recent years the return of the Super Heroes has seemed almost a fashion, and I'm really happy about it: I've always designed them and in 2012 I started printing them on fabric, giving life to my LITTLE ROK Sportswear Brand.

My SuperHeroes, as well as various POP graphics, ended up on T-shirts and swimwear and went around the world, thanks to the people who chose my products.

The inspiration of my drawings draws on the classic literature of comic stories, but the contaminations are in our lived life: this is why my Cap has tattoos and is wearing a sleeveless hooded suit and my SilverRok is on a snowboard with boots and the classic snow mask.

For this reason I decided to collect some illustrations in this first collection of 4 characters, to which others will soon be added, to enrich the collection.

Thus the characters WolveRok, MyCap, IronRok and SilverRok entered 4 collectible covers: ROK'S HERO - The Amazing new adventures.

You can find them all in the section dedicated to Author's Prints: they are limited edition prints available in three different formats.
Collect them all.

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