About me

I have had a passion for drawing since I was a child, and it is thanks to my drawings that I started working as an illustrator in a Communication Agency in Rome in 1994.
From communication to fashion, the love for drawing has always accompanied me and I have never stopped experimenting with drawing and painting techniques.

Many of my designs have been printed on fabrics for the clothing brand I created in 2012 -
Little Rok - and from there comes the pseudonym that accompanies me.

On this site I have decided to collect some of my works in small collections.

  • You will find a section dedicated to Original Drawings starting from the printing of one of my works: hand interventions, in ink or watercolor, still make it a unique and original work, different from any other copy of the same drawing.
  • Then a section dedicated to Author's Prints: a collection of drawings printed on fine cardboard and in limited edition.

For this reason the drawing you will buy will be yours alone, so you can say that it will be your Little Rok, "MyLittleRok" in fact.

Each section will be enriched with new content and many other collections of drawings will be added, which is why, if you like the style, I invite you to subscribe to the newsletter.

Welcome to the creative world of Little Rok.