Why a skull on the wall?

Did you know that according to tradition the skull protects against evil?

Although this custom starts from far away, the skulls are still kept clearly visible at the entrance to a room or home to guard the entrance, to prevent evil from entering. Tattooed on the body they honor life.

However, this image also has many other meanings: for some it represents a warning that refers to the transience of life, in the Celtic world the skull is the place where the spirit resides, in Christian culture instead it is a symbol of immortality.

Hence the idea of creating a collection of designs to celebrate the skull.

Studying many representations, I find an inspiration that I decide to make mine: this is how the pencil sketch begins.

Immediately after the pencil, the inking begins, using both Indian ink nibs and brush tip markers.

Once the inking was completed, the idea was born to create all originals starting from the same base: on each ink copy the white gel pen interventions are done by hand on each print, which thus becomes an original work different from all the others.

In this collection the skull is interpreted in a new way, made in different colors, to give a different touch to your environment.

You will find all the color variants in the SKULL ART collection.

I hope you like this interpretation, share this article and, if you want, let me know what you think by leaving a comment.

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