The King Skull on Macbeth Brown

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The skull symbolizes the ghosts, the phantoms that represent the sins and anxieties of the human soul, on the text of one of Shakespeare's most famous works: Lady Macbeth, animated by great ambition and thirst for power, convinces her husband to kill the King.
For this reason the drawing perfectly complements the "Skull on Macbeth".
Under the skull, the text of Act One, Scene One, from Shakespeare's original Macbeth.

Each drawing is an original, no one is alike, because on the ink printing the white and silver interventions are done by hand on every single work.

You are buying something unique at a very low price.
The original you will receive also has the signature of the author.

Product: original drawing printed in ink on brown cardboard made with recycled paper with a tone of warm gray, green and red watercolor, white gel pen and silver interventions performed by hand.
The product is delivered without frame: the images are examples to indicate the versatility of this design.

Size: A4 format, 21x29.7cm.